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    I like dogs.Many people like dogs.Dogs and people are friends.Some dogs also do different linds of work.Dogs are used to keep watch.They tell people when dangeris coming.Some dogs are used to keep people safe.They sre also used to move animals like sheep or goats.Some dogs are used for different kinds of hunting and some dogs help the police.


    Dogs belong to the canine.

    When a dog follows its nose, it's actually being led by thee key senses. Sight:a glimpse of the enemy saves them barking up the wrong tree. Sound: a bark can be a fierce threat, but it's also how canines make their long distance calls. Smell: this tells a dog more than all the other senses put together.

    Inside its nose are around two hundred million smell sensitive cells, forty times more than in humans. Through them the dog's brain can pick up signals from one molecule of scent in a million. It gives the dog: a completely different picture of the world, based on what it smells, rather than what it sees.

    Flowers are irrelevant to a dog. So their scent is meaningless. But food is a serious matter. What to us is an empty plate, is covered with the smell of chicken to a hungry d


    Nowadays many people like to have dogs as their pets. Dogs are friends of man not only because they are lovely but also because they are faithful to their masters.

    Dogs can do a lot of work for man. They play with us. They hunt with us. They keep door for us. But long ago, dogs all over the world were wild.

    Dogs can date back to the Stone Age. All dogs have the same ancestor. It is believed that their ancestor was much like a wolf. Other animals, such as the fox, came from this ancestor, too. Hundreds of thousands of years ago, man began to tame wild dogs. After the dogs were tamed, they were trained. The strong dogs became working animals. They were trained to pull heavy loads. They learned to keep an eye on the sheep and other animals. Working dogs had other jobs, too.

    Some dogs were not strong. But they could help man hunt for game. Other dogs were best as pets.

    Today, there are more than 100 kinds of dogs in the world.

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